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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Past the Vernal Tipping Point

It's fortunate I'm a New Englander, since one of the things I love best is the transition from one season to another. Weather in New England is, if nothing else, reliably transitional. In particular, I'm an equinox junkie. When spring wakes up my yard, and the days get long again, I pretty much want to roll around in the grass like my dogs. Half a year later, when the evenings get cool again, and the air has a hint of snow hidden behind the smell of dried leaves I wake up again, the heat of summer being the perfect siesta for the spirit.

So, here we are, just past the vernal tipping point, so I thought I'd share some of the things I love about spring at my house.
The ornamental plum tree we planted when we moved in. It's twelve feet tall now, and gorgeously in bloom.
This dwarf forsythia, which thrives despite our pug's compulsion to pee on it twice daily.
Lily of the valley shoots in the shade under the big maple tree.
Little boys on tricycles!
Lilac buds and blue skies.
Clever lawn ornaments.
Violets. Mark says they're weeds; I refuse to allow him to mow them.
Okay, so this one doesn't really have to do with the season, but he is awfully sweet!



Blogger Alta Marie said...

I love your clever lawn ornaments... :)
They definitely beat our fairy/saint collection.

4/14/10, 3:12 PM  
Blogger craftosaurus said...

You've given me hope that perhaps the lilies of the valley I planted last year are not a lost cause. I was thinking they were a very-early-spring flower, but I'm glad to be wrong if that means they might still make an appearance.

And yes, he's adorable! Though I doubt that's dependent on the season. :)

4/14/10, 9:25 PM  

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