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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Walk in the Gardens

This morning, while I was on my own while O was out on a trip to the Museum of Science, I took Felix for a walk in the Public Gardens, to play with my new camera and to remind myself what I love about where I work. The Swan Boats are back in service for the season, and I stopped for a while in my favorite spot to watch the tourists rising around the duck pond. I still love to ride them every now and again, especially with the kids. It's one of the best deals in town, as far as tourist attractions go.

I couldn't resist the chance to photograph the luscious pink blossoms on this tree while I was here. The new camera has a digital macro setting that allows super close ups with a little point and shoot, and I've been dying to give it a try.

The tulip beds in the Public Gardens are always gorgeous, and my favorite ones are the primary colored beds on the west side of the bridge. I wasn't the only one photographing the tulips this morning. I actually had to wait in an informal sort of queue. It was pretty amusing. Lucky for me, Felix was sleeping, so I was able to wait as long as it took.

This guy didn't give a whit that I was there. The digital zoom helped a little... He was actually sitting next to a man and his son who were enabling throwing crumbs for the ducks, and I imagine he got thrown one or two in the melee.

When we got to the ducklings, I was hoping Felix would be awake to mug for the lens a little, but he was indulging in a fresh air nap, so how could I wake him? And one or two exceptions, it's not like the ducklings are going anywhere, are they?

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Blogger shel said...

oh! this post makes me miss boston soooooooooo much! i spent a lot of time there in the past few years helping my nanny family at the time transition into their east coast move. i LOVE boston and cambridge (where they now live). while in transition, we were living one block off charles street, so it was a short walk to the gardens. sigh. i need to get back for a visit!!

5/2/08, 2:52 PM  

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