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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Canning is the New Knitting...

... apparently. Always one to be just behind the trend, I learned to knit in the fall of 2005. Now I find myself canning. My Mom learned from a friend of hers, years ago, and on and off over the years has produced much yumminess. I've wanted to get into it for years, but was (yes, I admit it) intimidated by the equipment. That always strikes me as funny, since I have little fear of complicated devices used for creating 2 foot tall tilted cakes... Ah, well.

She and I made blueberry jam a few weeks ago, and I was hooked!

Not one to rest on my early laurels (I prefer to rest on later laurels, or my ass, whichever), I struck out solo and jammed a gallon of frozen strawberries from earlier this summer. Canned! What next? Pickles, of course! It's string bean season here in the Northeast, so I procured 3 pounds of string beans from the farm stand, and lo! pickled green beans. Canned! While poring over my Mom's old copy of Putting Food By , I found a recipe for Lemon Honey Jelly, and threw that together the same afternoon. Canned! (and some for the fridge that didn't fit in the jars I had. It's so frickin' good!) Eagerly, I await peaches and apples, as visions of brandied peaches and apple butter dance in my head.

I think I would have made an excellent housewife in a previous era.

I think that a lot.

I can't sew, though.


Will trade pickles, preserves and scarves for garments and linens?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mum used to can a lot, and we had canned fruit and jam and chili sauce, and pickles in winter when there wasn't fresh produce here. :) I used to can a lot too, but haven't the last few years with only the two of us to feed. There's something about the big steaming cauldron and hot jars and lids, and the delicious smells that I miss. I'm happy you're enjoying this new skill!!! Sewing isn't difficult. As my mother used to say, just do what the pattern says to do. :) samm

8/4/09, 11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack says I need to go into a twelve step program to cope with my canning addiction. Won't I have the last laugh when the zombie apocalypse comes!

8/16/09, 12:09 PM  

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