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Friday, January 01, 2010

Crap. I Already Have One! Happy New Year!

Mark and I watched Julie and Julia this afternoon (I ushered in the New Year in my jammies and the Greatest. Robe. Ever.), and I watched it thinking, as I thought two years ago when I read the book, I should write a blog.

The title was my next thought. Both times.


But, lo! I do have a blog, and what readership remains. I don't have a consistent theme. I don't have a lot of intelligent things to share, but I do often have things to say, and this past year, I've let them slide in favor of facebook updates. Succinct, but not always as satisfying.

So, here's to more blogging in Twenty-Ten. Happy New Year, Everyone!



Blogger fibby said...

I like this goal for 2010. We can work on it together. Happy New Year!

1/1/10, 10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll still be here! I check in almost every day. I see I missed you yesterday.... this being Jan.2. :) Happy healthy 2010 to you and those you love.

1/2/10, 9:44 AM  

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