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Monday, April 26, 2010

BYOO-ah-ful Train

We live in a hotbed of suburban activity. Within five miles in every direction there are stores, malls, restaurants, schools, playgrounds, reservoirs, train tracks, MEMA, a fire station, library, hospital... and on and on.

While I might pine for someplace a little more rural, Felix, at 2 1/2, thinks we live in Paradise itself. For instance, yesterday there was a medical emergency two doors down, bringing Engine 3 and an ambulance practically into our backyard. Putting aside my disdain for rubbernecking, I pointed this out to my son, who suffered paroxysms of delight (perhaps I'm the one who suffered--oh, the shrieking!).

We also live more or less adjacent to a rail line which serves CSX. While we're not actually abbutters, you can see the trains from our backyard if you know where to look. There's also a little public playground down the street that offers great views of both the Massachusetts Turnpike and the adjacent rail line. Less than ideal if you're a parent, but divine if you're a preschool aged train enthusiast with a considerable appreciation for all motor vehicles.

When the freight trains come through going westbound, they blow their whistles before crossing a major thoroughfare nearby. If we catch it just right, we can leave our house on foot and be at the playground by the time the train passes. We've done it successfully a few times; we've even managed to get close enough to wave to the driver a few times.

This morning we heard the whistle just after getting ourselves dressed and ready to head out for errands. Felix looked up at me and said, "Let's go a-playground an' see the train." I said okay, and we walked out the front door. It was spontaneous and lovely. As we walked, I felt, rather than heard, the train getting closer, so I swung him up onto my hip, and jogged the last couple of yards in my patent leather flats.

We got there just in time, and the driver waved and blew the whistle for us.

(this is not the actual train we saw, but it's nearly identical)

On the walk back to the house, Felix said to me, "That was a BYOO-ah-ful train, Mama."



Blogger fibby said...

I heart that boy.

4/26/10, 9:35 PM  
Anonymous kris said...

My older daughter went through a stage when she was OBSESSED with the garbage truck and the garbage man. She would stand in our window and scream and wave at him as he went down our cul de sac, and then wait for him to circle back so that she could scream and wave again.

Furuck! Furuck!

(That would be fire-truck)

I love baby talk!

4/29/10, 2:49 AM  
Blogger KLZ said...

I couldn't find your email address to respond to your comment so I'm doing it here. I LOVE the idea of a Maleficent tattoo. That is my fave Diy movie by far.

Also, what a nice train conductor to wave while driving a byooo-ah-ful train.

4/29/10, 7:17 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

I love this! We printed out the MBTA schedule and go to the VFW in Natick on Rt135. You can park really close to the tracks and the drivers wave! Extra bonus points: Dunkin Donuts drive through a few doors down at the Mobil.... I wish CSX posted a schedule of their freighters (or do they?) so we could time it to see both. My almost 5-yo son would flip out!

5/1/10, 4:56 PM  
Anonymous Tara said...

I miss his sweet face. And our children are truly destined to be besties. Damn the distance.

5/6/10, 4:59 PM  

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