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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Knight Errant, Just As I Am

I've tagged all my weight and body image posts with "Knight Errant" since I first broached the topic. I think that it's because I see myself, wandering through different attempts to work though my difficulties with food and eating and fitness, always wanting to prove that I am worth my ideal body, but ultimately not loving myself enough to follow through.

from Wikipedia:
A knight-errant (plural: knights-errant) is a figure of medieval chivalric romance literature. "Errant," meaning wandering or roving, indicates how the knight-errant would typically wander the land in search of adventures to prove himself as a knight, such as in a pas d'Armes.

Back in January, I hinted at a secret project with a projected end date. That date came and went this past Saturday, and while I didn't post any celebratory updates, I actually succeeded.

I didn't succeed in any of the ways that I thought I would, but I think the ways in which I did are more constructive and positive.

I set out, 129 days ago, to lose some of the post baby weight and get in better shape before my 15th high school reunion. That, technically, didn't happen.

Here's what did happen: I gained 10 pounds, and came to a decision. I must not hate myself for being overweight anymore. I cannot continue to want to be thin because this is better. Instead, I want to be healthier because I deserve the best health I can achieve, for myself, for my family. I want to be a Mom who can run and play with her young son. I want him to have a positive role model and a realistic image of womanhood, not someone starving herself to be thin because thin is better.

That decision prompted me to return to Weight Watchers meetings nine and half weeks ago. I've been paying attention to physical hunger, to why I reach for food, and what I reach for. I started taking care of myself, dressing the body I have now, and forgiving myself when I make bad choices.

I got the opportunity to test drive a WiiFit about a month ago, and a funny thing happened. For the first time since I can't remember how long, I'm excited about exercise. I've been on that balance board more than twenty out of the last thirty days. I've lost the ten pounds I gained back, plus one and a half more. The WiiFit tells me I am stronger, more physically balanced, and I am more attuned to myself than I've been in a while. I am enjoying becoming healthier.

I recently reread an old post in which I come clean about food and addictions and some of my struggles. I had a flash of wisdom there, and I'm going to try to remain mindful of that while I'm loving myself--in the immortal words of Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy--just as I am.



Blogger Ashley said...

Bravo to you! And I completely agree the wii fit can be really, really encouraging. There's just something about that sweet, chirpy little animated board! :-)

5/11/10, 9:13 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Love the Wii Fit! The Segway and Kung Fu ones are my favorite! And your right, it is about being healthy and not skeleton thin. Keep up the good work!

5/11/10, 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

So proud of you! Everyone needs to get that place where they realize that it's not about being perfect, but about being the best, and healthiest, that you can be.

High fives for body acceptance!

5/11/10, 11:15 PM  
Blogger brushfiremedia said...

Where's the "like" button?

5/13/10, 8:50 PM  

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