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Friday, December 08, 2006

2006 OysterFestivus Medal of Honor

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Family, and Regular Readers, welcome. Please indulge me while I read the medal's charge:

The OysterFestivus Medal of Honor is bestowed upon that individual without whom the OysterFestivus could not have done. This individual has displayed courage under adverse circumstances, all the while ensuring the success of the Fest. This individual's dedication to the pursuit of oysters, Christmas carols, and debauchery has been shown to be unflagging and perhaps somewhat bizarre.
From Brasserie MoMP

This year, the award committee is pleased to grant the Medal of Honor to its youngest recipient to date. O braved snow squalls and icy winds to venture 2.5 miles in pursuit of charcuterie. Bundled like an Arctic explorer, our young hero and his sherpa, er... nanny, traversed the MassPike Overpass, the Shady End of Shawmut Street, and the Annoyingly Trendy Patrons ::shudder::, to procure Pate de Campagne, Pate de Lapin, and Niman Ranch Smoked Bacon. His only thoughts for his own comfort were a taste of artisan English cheddar and a raspberry pate de fruits from the patisserie counter. Sadly, his efforts will be savored by all the OysterFestivus participants without him, while he remains behind, enjoying Bagelmas with his family.

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