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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pugs Love Snow!

But they don't love having cold feet.

We learned this when he refused to pee when we let him out both last night and this morning. He just tried to get all four feet off the ground simultaneously, and when that failed, he crawled up onto the back steps and looked pathetic. I got a late start to work this morning trying to get him to pee.

So, after more than twelve hours without peeing due to the wintry conditions in our backyard, I bought him fleecy booties at Petco. O&I returned to my house, suited him up in his Land's End Squall Jacket for Dogs and his fleecy booties, and we headed out the door. After a minute of frantic spinning (ooooh! footwear!), he peed (bladder infection averted!), and then lost a bootie in a tiny drift - but he was a happier pug!

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Blogger dasein668 said...

Good to hear about that bladder infection. I've been on pins and needles all day!


Maybe Amelie will teach him a thing or two...

2/15/07, 4:48 PM  

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