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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wet, Hot, and Agitated

A Felting Story

**For those of you who don't give a crap about my knitting adventures, please come back later for a non-fiber related post**

One of the projects on my needles this past week has been the Booga Bag, an adventure for me, since I have never felted anything before. I got the bag and the i-cord all knitted up, and this morning, decided to go ahead a felt the sonofabitch. Now, I have read a lot about the felting, and how it can't be done properly in a front loading washer, but that's all I have available to me. There's either my Maytag at home, or the Asko here at work. Turns out, the Asko has tons of heat settings, and a no-spin option, so I figured I'd try that one first.

I bundled my bag pieces up in an old pillow case, and cinched it closed with a hair elastic (to keep the fuzz out of the washer's pump - no sense in wrecking the bosses' new European washer before it's even a year old...), added some heavy pieces of clothing for agitation, set it to 205 degrees and no-spin cycle, and let 'er rip. One hour later, perfectly felted bag! It's now sitting on a Cheez-It box covered in a DeLuca's market bag to dry out before I can assemble it fully, but I'm psyched, especially as it's going into the Christmas Gifty Bag. I love it when a gift comes together!

Oh, happy felting! Happy, happy felting!



Blogger Sarah said...

Nicely done! My mom made all these baskets for gift bags and felted them too. I think that felting is some sort of magic as the end result is so different from the beginning!

9/26/07, 11:09 AM  

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