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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I am a not-so-closet Broadway junkie. Or at least I was. And then, after I'd recovered from "Rent," I lost interest. I saw some of the Disney shows, but most of the shows being pushed by the Great White Way seemed like commercial attempts to cash in on a successful Hollywood franchise, or soulless revivals of once-great standards. Bah.

Not that I object to a quality revival, mind you. The revival of "Showboat" about 15 years ago still remains one of the best shows I've ever seen. Ever.

Well, it may not have been first run with the decidedly amazing talent that originated its rolls, but the touring company of "Wicked" (now playing at the Opera House in Boston) is one hell of a show. Gorgeous, complicated score deliverd by talented, spirited performers, clever book, interesting choreography, nifty staging and lighting... the whole package. It also didn't hurt that our seats (my Mom gave me the ticket as a Christmas gift last year, as a girls' day out) were just right of center orchestra, about 15 rows from the stage. Nice.

A much better way to spend a trip in to Boston on the weekend than last night's adventure.



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