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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday Night's Alright for Passing a Kidney Stone

Adventures in obstetrical care!

Yesterday started out innocuously enough. I had to assemble the cake (banana cake with cream cheese frosting) for my brother's wedding party (at my parents' house - for local friends and family who couldn't attend the wedding itself), and then head over to the party.

About 15 minutes after we arrived, I started having evil, crampy pain in my right side, sort of near my kidneys. The pain came in waves, then accompanied by nausea and eventually vomiting, leaving me shaky and chilled... We decided to head home, so I could go to bed, and I took the precaution of calling my OB's answering service while Mark drove. The final decision from Dr. Greenberg had me headed into Brigham & Women's, stopping, like the class act I am, by the side of the road in Newton, to throw up out the door of the car.

An IV, fluids, nausea meds, a urine sample, a blood test, and a kidney ultrasound later, it was determined that I most likely passed a kidney stone, and that there might be more... but they can't be exactly sure right now.

They let me go home when the pain was gone, and the tests had cleared for anything else that might have been wrong, and I did sleep better at home, pain free, and confident that the Little Man was fine in his watery home.

In the final analysis, Brigham & Women's has a lovely OB triage area, and the staff were fantastic. I felt very well taken care of, and it was a relatively quick trip in and out of the hospital, so who can complain, right? Especially when I'll be back there in seven or eight weeks to deliver...

I am a party animal, n'est-ce pas?



Blogger phoebe said...

Oof. Now THAT is a fun weekend. Go you!

Hope you are continuing to feel better - I'm sending healthy thoughts your way. :-)

9/16/07, 5:57 PM  
Blogger Alta Dantzler said...

Oh dear. I hope that it it was a lone stone.

9/24/07, 12:03 PM  

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