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Monday, October 29, 2007

I Took the Hill... on the way from O's preschool to the garage where my car is parked. I figured this would give me some much needed exercise, and it's also the most direct route - helping me not be late for my weekly OB appointment.

Apparently, I spent too much time squatting down to paint the built in shelves in the baby's room yesterday, because about halfway up the Hill, my glutes and quads were screaming.

And my blood pressure was elevated when I got to the Doctor's office, so they were all bothered by that. Boo. Next Monday, I'm scheduled for a Fetal Non Stress Test, which I think means they're potentially concerned about gestational hypertension leading to preeclampsia. Of course, no one actually mentioned that term to me... possibly to keep my blood pressure from getting any more elevated?

I think it's the Hill climbing followed by driving on the JWay.



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