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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Week 38 and Counting...

Current symptoms of late pregnancy include hands swollen up suddenly, so my rings don't come off, feet permanently swollen, so I can't wear actual shoes, achy joints, and fatigue that scares me when I'm practically nodding off behind the wheel sometimes. As much as I've got a few things left to take care of before the little guy is born, I'm really tired of being pregnant. Miracle? Yes! Pain in the ass? Definitely!

However, my mother came over on Friday and Monday (yay, long weekend!) and helped me get the nursery painted, so despite the giant pile of baby-related foolishness in the center of the room, the baby will have a room to sleep in. I have some small touch-ups to see to, and I need to paint the bookshelves, but again, I'm banking on him being a little late, so I can do these things after I leave work at the end of next week.

Baby to-do list:
Finish painting bookshelves
Finish painting clouds on blue ceiling
Assemble crib
Wash baby clothes
Wash baby linens
Unpack toys/books from boxes and put away
Hang art
Pack bag for hospital stay
Have baby!

Of course, with the Sox in the Series, I will go into labor exactly when the whole of Fenway and Longwood are full of the crazed, foaming-at-the-mouth Nation, trying to find parking for the game, and Mark, driving my little old VW will be looking for the hospital.... It's like Murphy's Law.


Seriously, how cute was Dustin Pedroia when he hit that homer? The look on his face was the same as the first time he hit a ball in a Little League game. He was so jazzed, it made me happy to watch him. And then to bring them around again a few innings later! That's gotta feel pretty good.

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