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Friday, January 16, 2009

Summary and To Do List for MLK Weekend

Ok, I'm out of Obamicons, for the time being.

It was like getting my feet wet after so long away from the blog. Basically, starting the trip to Flint on the 12th of December, and ending with a two week stint back at work full time, I was in my life over my head, and the blog had to go dormant. Here's the short version:

Spent three days in Flint with a large contingency of my Mom's family for my cousin Tim's wedding. Christmas rushed up way too fast. Christmas Eve I had to work, then haul tuchas to Rhode Island for the G clan's Christmas Eve. Christmas morning at our house with my parents, the brunch here with them and my in-laws and Mark's aunt and uncle. Sunday was my parents annual open house, which meant an afternoon of schmoozing. Back to work on Monday, worked New Year's, then spent the Eve watching Wall-E and drinking really good wine. Worked a half day Friday the 2nd. During the course of the week, my uncle, my aunt and youngest cousin, and my brother and family were staying with my parents, so there was visiting there, too. My cousin Becca got married on the 3rd, then it was back to work as the kids headed back to school. Since the 5th I've been working on a big project which, even as we speak, is nearing completion, and I finally feel like I'm getting a tenuous grasp on my everyday existence again.

So, yeah. I'm off from work for a few days with a list of stuff to do, mostly centering on the house and the kitchen and the car. I'm kind of excited.

Here's my To Do List:

Get car oil changed/lubed
Finish mystery knitting project
Make a vat of spaghetti sauce
Return some pajamas at Old Navy
Cast on for toe-up, 2 at a time socks

And away I go!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Busy life! Hope it calms down a bit soon. :) samm

1/16/09, 6:55 PM  

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