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Friday, May 21, 2010

15 Years

I've blogged about my 15th Reunion in terms of my personal goals, but I neglected to mention what a truly wonderful time I had.

Isn't it funny, at reunions, how you first see someone and you think, "Wow, they look so different!" Then five minutes later they're exactly the same as they were in high school? The bond, the love, strips away the surface changes, so you can see what really matters is still the same.

For the record, I went to a prep school with about 60 people in my graduating class, so yes, I was friendly with a majority of the people I graduated with. Makes reunions less angsty, I think.

If anything, even if we've gained weight/lost weight/have a few wrinkles/less pimples/more grays or whatever, the people we were have been honed a little by life, and are even more dimensional and complex people than we were.

I had a blast. I love my friends.

May more people come home for the 20th!

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Blogger veronique said...

its good that you live a little inside my head so you can write things down for me.

5/21/10, 11:40 AM  

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