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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Screaming Breakfast Pug

A recent chat on Twitter revealed that our Maurice is not the only Pug who screams.

Seriously. He screams. Like he's being stabbed.

We're treated to this twice a day when it's feeding time, and then anytime we're riding in the car and we arrive. He screams to get out of the car.

It gets me a lot of funny looks at the dog park.
What does that woman do to her dog. Sheeesh. Someone call animal control...

Well, I shot a little home video of this morning's shrieking. It's definitely not the worst he's ever been, but it certainly gives you an idea.

Disclaimer: No pugs are ever harmed, stabbed, starved, or cattle prodded for the Internets benefit. Not that we don't occasionally think about it...

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Blogger CaneWife said...

OMG!!!! Poor puggeh!!!!

THe poor thing must think he's never going to be fed!!!! Having to wait like that for his kibble!!! The horror! The horror!

(Just kidding).

Oh, that's hilarious. Our psycho puppy is the same way, without the screaming. He has to sit and wait for his bowl and by the time he gets it (maybe 15 secs), he is in a puddle of drool. It's so sad.

5/16/10, 11:06 AM  
Blogger CDG said...

The retriever drools. It's very unattractive.

Maurice lathers up like he's rabid if the foods doesn't come fast enough. Seriously food obsessed dogs, pugs.

5/16/10, 1:02 PM  
Anonymous kris said...

That is HILARIOUS! He does not sound like a dog at all! He's like a little screaming impatient person! So funny.

Pugs are WEIRD!

5/16/10, 2:55 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

You speak truth, friend. Pugs are weird.

5/16/10, 3:38 PM  
Anonymous Adrienne @ No Points for Style said...

Oh, that is too funny! It's very, very sad in our house since the alpha among our dogs (NOT the pug) have to wait. Doodle sits 4 feet away while Lolly eats, quivering in anticipation.

But the screaming? Awesome!

5/16/10, 4:55 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

@Adrienne @ No Points for Style
Poor Doodle.
It's approx. 20 min past 5pm, and Maurice is whimpering for his dinner.

And the screaming will recommence.

5/16/10, 5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor poor Maurice! He really sounds human when he screeches! I've always wanted a pug. :) What a character he is!!! samm

5/16/10, 6:28 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

We love him, Samm, but he is, as you say, a character. And not *always* so endearingly as he he is here.

5/16/10, 6:32 PM  

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