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Monday, March 19, 2007

A Vertigo of Snot

So, I started a new post a few days ago, but apparently I forgot to "save as draft," so it went the way of the dinosaur. (Yes, killed by prehistoric cyber-cavemen, obviously)

I can't remember what on earth I might have had to say for myself, so I'm fairly sure that you wouldn't want to read it.

Here's the gist of how I've felt for the last five days; as if my head were dipped in glue, wrapped in batting, and then given a swirly. Yeah, that good. This cold blows. At least I'm home from work this week, since presumably the bosses got out of Logan and off the Cancun at some point, even if it wasn't their originally scheduled departure time.

At this ungodly hour, however, I'm sitting at my dining room table, supervising a few minutes of post-breakfast puppy-play. Then, they will go back in their crates, and I will go back to sleep for a few hours.

The Ides of March were cruel to me this year. Not like they were to poor Caesar, but cruel, nonetheless. I ended up having to leave work early with a 101.5-degree fever, shakes, aches, and dizziness - fun times on the MassPike!

March has never been a favorite month for me - it's a month you get through. In college, I s'pose, there were a few good times, like the trip to Truckee, CA, where N&I discovered cat pate. (H here will remember vomiting into a bucket, since she decided to get a stomach flu while I visited... see? March always screws someone!) The next year I was in London for a week, which was pretty cool. Maybe I'm just travel-jealous and wish I was somewhere warm like The Burger.

I'm feeling much less sorry for myself now, though no less crappy. I've been to Whole Paycheck, Trader Joe's, and Stop&Shop and had a nice long nap since last I wrote, and if it weren't for the nausea - stemming perhaps from blowing my nose 14,000 times today? like a vertigo of snot? - I'd be in pretty good shape.



Blogger phoebe said...

MOMP, you got the Fibby cold! (especially impressive since we haven't seen each other in months) I got it just in time for MY break a few weeks ago, and then went through (I kid you not) 2 large boxes of tissues over the course of the week. Splurging on the nice ones with lotion was a good call.

Here's what helps: nasal spray. Seriously, within about 10 seconds, I had use of my nostrils again. Magic.

Here's what sucks: whey you use the nasal spray for more than the recommended 3 days because you didn't read the fine print and instead of helping, the nasal spray actually causes your nasal membranes to become MORE inflamed and therefore causes your nose to feel more stuffy. I don't recommend making that mistake.

I also did the "treating myself to WholeFoods because I'm sick" thing, and though I don't think it helped shorten the duration of the cold, it definitely helped my spirits to be eating yummy, overpriced, prepared foods (when I could taste them).

Feel better soon!

3/19/07, 6:10 PM  

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