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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The A-Ha! Week

I've been off from work all week, and really amounting to very little. I've watched some movies (Elizabeth I; yay, Helen Mirren! Hollywoodland, which lacked something... and some others less memorable), shopped fruitlessly, gone to Boston to smell the flowers, not cleaned my house very much, and done about 17 loads of laundry.

All this accomplishment pales in comparison, however, to what my darling Amelie has done this week. She's figured it out. We haven't hadn't an accident in almost three full days. That doesn't mean she won't regress, or have random incidents from here on out, but she's consistently asking at the door, and waiting longer in between visits to the great outdoors. Hooray!

Are we done yet? Not by a long shot. But this is a good step. Hopefully, as I return to work tomorrow, and it's back to the dog walker, she'll be ok...



Blogger Bimbimbie said...

Clever little Amelie ....... did you really have her go outside on an extended lead while you stayed in the nice warm house ....... lol *!* Annie

3/26/07, 3:48 AM  
Blogger Alta Dantzler said...

I'm always so happy when I find time to check in and read your blog! I wish I had a cute puppy. I am looking for a new knitting project which is harder than scarves and squares and easier than sweaters. I have an awful lot of time on my hands of late. Do you have a book to suggest?

3/26/07, 12:36 PM  

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