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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spartans, Turkey Vultures, and No Shopping

Last night we saw 300 in IMAX. I'm not what you'd call a comic book/graphic novel fan, but I can always appreciate a well-told story, and let me tell you, I was riveted. (Of course, that may have had something to do with the fact that the story was played out on a screen far larger than my house. Whoa.) I liked Sin City, too, so maybe I'm just an unexplored Frank Miller fan....

Today's been a mixed bag. I've been sleeping a lot, trying to recover from this nasty cold (poor Fibby!), and I think it's actually made me more lethargic. I was all set to shower and go out for a few hours, when I took the dogs for a routine trip out. While they were cavorting in the yard, we experienced a 6-foot wingspan flyover at close altitude. Carrion birds were lurking in pairs on the ridge lines of neighboring houses. I gathered in the dogs, whipped out the camera, and promptly forgot about leaving the house.

When I finally did leave the house, it was a fruitless expedition to Old Navy and Gap. I came home with no more clothes than I left with. (Sighs like the world) I should have stayed home here in the Wild Kingdom.



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