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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today was my big outing!

My Mom came in, and we went to the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's 2007 New England Spring Flower Show. I love the flower show. I love looking at all the landscaping and the gardening, and it's always green-smelling and lush - it reminds me that spring is really coming. And despite my love of all things winter (even, perversely, driving in ice storms), I'm always ready for spring by March.

In lazy news, I've discovered that if I use the retractable leash to let the puppy out, I don't even need to leave the house to let her pee. I was pretty sure I was the laziest human alive, but this might cinch it. Sadly, no amount of retractable leash will help with the gunky ear infection she's developed in one ear. Off to the vet tomorrow for us, and hopefully they'll let me pay with a kidney, or perhaps a length of intestine, because I certainly can't afford it otherwise!

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