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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ten Days in the Baby Cave

Ten days have passed in an ecstasy of breastfeeding and fontanel sniffing. I am spent. And high on the smell of my son's forehead.

Felix has been busy, learning about the traffic patterns outside his windows at 4 am, snoozing with me when we get a chance, between marathon feeding sessions while watching Nora Roberts movies on Lifetime, and developing a relationship with his diaper genie.

Yesterday, we went out to Worcester for the afternoon, stopping along the way to introduce Felix to my oldest friend, Katie, and her husband and son. They live along the route to my parents' house, and I'm always terrible about calling them, until yesterday. It was a rare treat to sit down with her, get to talk with her son, see her house... Then we went with my Mom to a small craft show. Felix slept through the whole thing - which is sort of his MO these days. When we got home, we had a visit with my dear friend Alta. Felix had a good long snooze (photo coming soon!) on her, which was very sweet to watch, and welcomed break for me.

Today, I put him in his sling, and spent two hours this morning helping Mark tame the yard - our tree recently dropped all its leaves. We also went to the grocery store and ran a load of laundry. Funny, I still feel like my house is a mess and I never get anything done...

We spent a busy Thanksgiving with both families, and Felix got to meet his great-grandparents (Grandmemere et Grandpepere, and Great Grandma G.), his Uncles Michael and Jason. His Great-Great Aunts Del and Anita, and then on to his Great Uncle Ron and Great Auntie Gail. It was a good day, but exhausting. I think I'm making a turkey next year. It actually sounds easier!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Should Be Doing Dishes...

...but I'm watching Maurice do his best William H. Macy impression, instead. (Think Pleasantville: "Where's my dinner?"

I should be doing laundry, but I'm blogging. In an attempt to avoid cliche, I did manage to get dressed yesterday and the day before, but somehow this dreary Thursday never got me out of my jammies, despite an 8:30 AM visit from a friend passing through town on business. I should defrost something for dinner.

Now Maurice is chasing his tail. Endlessly amusing. Where's Amelie, you might ask? No, I didn't give her away to the gypsies. She's sleeping at my feet under the dining room table. Or at least she was, until I actually thought about her, thus waking the demon who possesses her.

So far, so good on the parenting front. I'm accepting my new roll as Milchlastwagen (are there tshirts?), and Mark is being great, helping, worrying, doing all the Dad-type stuff. It's pretty cute.

Funny how on a dark, rainy day time passes more slowly...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rapture and Accomplishments

Thanks, Everyone, for the inquiries and well wishes, and for participating in BabyWatch 2007. I feel like I owe my success to you!

We are proud to present Felix Grayson, born at 8:40 pm, November 8, 2007, weighing in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces:

So, he's here, little Felix, and we're home, and this morning, he let me sleep for 4 straight hours, he had a morning snack, and went back to sleep, so I'm taking advantage of the time to catch up, post some photos, and maybe even take a shower!

I put a load of laundry in this morning, too! I am a Rock Star!

Housekeeping aside, I also spent a solid half hour, lying on my bed, just looking at him. I feel like I should have someone pinch me, because he just can't be real. And yet, he's here, and he's ours, and we're both overwhelmed in twenty different ways, and even the dogs are starting to get attached to him. I'm so in love, I'm totally scattered...

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh, and Two More Things

One: La Verdad Taqueria Mexicana on Landsdowne Street is excellent.

Two: No baby yet. More tomorrow.

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Two Things

One, if you don't already, please hit The Breast Cancer Site today and click on the pink box for free mammograms for under privileged women. Then go back and do it tomorrow.

No baby yet. More soon.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


with child.

Got the bookshelves painted, books put away, and some more baby laundry done, so I'm feeling like I'm satisfying the nesting urge.

More soon.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thought I'd Gone for It, Didn't You?

Nope. Still here, still pregnant, despite Uncle T's furious screaming at the Pats less than amazing performance in the first three quarters of tonight's game. Thank goodness they ponied up in the fourth - I was a little afraid for T's heart.

L made some delish Pollo Pibil, and I brought him a belated birthday gingerbread cake, so we feasted well, despite the nausea inducing tension of the game.

I have to say, even I got a little worked up over this game. Usually I can knit right through a Pats game, and I admit, I had to put down the sticks and yell a few times.

No baby, though. So, more tomorrow.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Commence Thumb Twiddling!

Actually, there's been no thumb twiddling today. I ventured out in the SATURDAY NOREASTER! that swept through - here it was a rainy day, with some autumnal wind, unlike the Cape, which is getting a smack in the ass.

I went to a baby shower for a friend, which I'm now told is a party trick when your due date is 4 days away. People kept saying, "When are you due?"
I'd reply, "Tuesday," and they'd nearly drop their drink.

Funny stuff.

No baby, though. So, more tomorrow.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Dear Al Gore,

I'm an author on this blog, and if you have things you'd like to say to Mr. Gore, please feel free to ask to be an author, too. After all, Al Gore is magical and invented the internets, and is saving the world from global warming, and looking studly in his Nobel Prize medal, et cetera, and clearly someday he will read and respond to all of our letters!



Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Day

Hallowe'en has come and gone on the Hill, and all I can say is:

Holy Candy!

I love Hallowe'en on Beacon Hill. This often stodgy and reserved neighborhood embraces this holiday like no other. People throw open their gardens and foyers to show off fog machines, spooky music, fantastically elaborate ghouls, lighting schemes, baskets laden with full-sized candy bars...

I always stay late for the Trick or Treating, and last night was no exception, though I did bag out a little earlier than usual, on account of a sore back and hips. The kids looked great, and the boys had a rollicking good time. Miss E sometimes gets a little overwhelmed by the tromping around, and tends to be a little complainey, but even she put forth a great effort in the beginning.

I must say, though, that O took the cake as Hedwig to Big Brother J's Harry Potter. There's nothing cuter than a pre-schooler in a full body animal costume!

Welcome to November, Month of the Baby, chez MoMP. If you're tired of BabyWatch 2007, please stop reading for a few weeks, since once my maternity leave starts after work on Friday, this blog is likely to contain potentially toxic levels of BabyMania. Eeek. Nothing to do except prepare for and wait for the baby, have the baby, gush about the baby, etc. Blech.

I'm just sayin', is all.

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