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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2 Biscuits Are Not the End of the World

I had the best day yesterday... right up until I got snacky after dinner and ate two extra biscuits (6 points!!!). Bad dog. I knew I was blowing it as I did it, but I did it anyway. This is my last habit to break. Then I have to reconcile myself to my emotional/circumstantial eating.

I'm back on track with the arrival of the morning. My journal is up to date and accurate, I took the stairs from the 3rd underground level of the parking garage. Tonight is my Beacon Hill Climb (taking J to basketball practice requires climbing the hill with the stroller or backpack, then going down the other side, and repeating the whole thing an hour later - good for the quads and calves).

Today will be better, and the slip should keep me more aware for a few days!


How much is that Baby in the Window?

O and I have colds today. I took Zicam - we'll see how that goes. As for the little man, extra naps and warm socks would be our first defense, but he plucks his socks off at first opportunity. That leaves me with extra naps and maybe baby decongestant if the snot factor rises too much more.

Mmmm..... tasty baby snot.

Tonight is J's basketball practice. E, O, and I (sounds like the credit for a Sesame Street episode.... and the letter 13) will go by Whole Foods and get fruit leathers for the kids. Yay!

Almost time for the bus stop, and it's freezing rain outside. Lovely. O's lucky; his Maclaren stroller has sweet rain gear. I'll just be damp.

Nothing out of our ordinary today, unless you count O standing on the window seat overlooking the street while I was getting him dressed this morning, showing his diaper clad nudity to the world at large while babbling, "Babababababah!" He's so awesome.

Finished reading Sharon Kay Penman's When Christ and His Saints Slept. Wonderful. Now I need to get me to the library to borrow the next book - or finish my brother's afghan.... Must knit!


Monday, January 30, 2006

From Fight Club to Game Boy and Concerning Neither

My tiny humans are well today.

It's gray and drizzly out - I'm not looking forward to the bus stop run for J&E. The town house has become a minimum security facility for babies since I left on Friday. New gates up at every stair, since O's hell bent on reenacting the stairwell scene from Fight Club. Ooops, the first rule of fight club is....

He's kneeling on the floor now, bottle in one hand, tilted back, swigging from his formula, hair rakishly touseled, grinning up at me, even with the bottle in his mouth. Lord, this child cracks me up. Everyone says you never love another child as much as your own children; if that's true, then my heart may explode with motherhood.

We took Maurice to Callahan State Park twice this weekend; both were very memorable events. On Saturday it was just Maurice and I, and we met two other pugs, the first two he's seen since he left Bar Harbor to come home with us. On Sunday, we brought Mark, and we wore him out. Maurice has a lot of energy for a little guy. Towards the end of our visit, we were in the social field area near the pond, and we met a bitch Mastiff named Belle. To see our 9 pound pug frolicking with well over a hundred pounds of bouncy Mastiff was HILARIOUS! It looked a little something like this.

J lost his GameBoy privileges for the whole week - I'm anticipating a battle royal this afternoon, when he realizes that the Right Hand and the Left Hand are in constant contact and mostly know what the other is doing... ::sigh::

Time to suit O up and head out. Will the bus come at 3:30? 4:00? It's always a gamble when you combine a bus driver, downtown Boston traffic (which incidentally was horrible this morning), and a baker's dozen kids between the ages of 4 and 14....


Friday, January 27, 2006

Would you take her on in a dark alley?

I was archiving my photos (because my computer needs the space back, and I've gone too long without backing up), and stumbled upon this gem!

This is The Demon Barber E.

Normally, I wouldn't share photos of the kids, since I like to keep them anonymous to the general public, but since you can't actually identify her, I'm not concerned. She has a spectacularly deep imagination! On this particular adventure, she was Captain Hook, and when I asked about her pirate hat, she said, "Oh! I'll go get it!" and ran off into the playroom. She came back with the PowerRanger mask on and I just about died.

I couldn't breathe! I was laughing so hard, and she was unfazed. "It's a great pirate hat," she says. I did manage to pull it together enough to snap a photo.

Had my annual physical today. Other than the pressing need to lose the First Anniversary 25, I have a clean bill of health. My new physician, Dr. Rich, seems really nice. Considering that I've lost two previous physicians in this practice to fellowships and moves, the fact that the newest replacement is equally as cool as the other two is pretty impressive!

No mishaps with the kids today - but the day's not over yet......


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bluemouth Baby O

I already posted once today... but the mishaps of this workplace are too good not to share!

Demon Barber E, Baby O & I just back from the bus stop, and O&E were in the playroom while I fixed a bottle for O. Suddenly, I hear, "C-, Come in here! Now!"

I go running in to see that O has something blue in his mouth.

no... something blue coming out of his mouth. I ask E what he got into? She shrugs. I pick him up, mentally rehearsing a conversation with Poison Control. We go to the kitchen, where I sweep out his mouth. Meanwhile, blue goo is spewing from his mouth, like he popped one of those Hollywood blood capsules. He seems unconcerned, except that I'm fingersweeping his mouth.

What I find is the oval of blue watercolor paint from E's paint set, which has come loose and is now dissolving in O's mouth. Good lord, the craft box is TOTALLY my enemy!

He's now all cleaned up, and getting ready for a nap. Maybe I should just go work at Target.


Boobs are in the Air!

The art of the double entendre...

Initially I missed the punny nature of my title.... you see, I've been assailed by the media talking about bras and breasts and fittings. This all stemmed from Oprah's now [in]famous bra show, I guess. My Mom decided to get herself some new bras, and we went shopping last weekend. She cited Oprah's insights as she was being measured by the efficient and friendly staff at Nordstrom. Then, today, a pal of mine at the WSJ sent me an article about Town Shop, the Upper West Side undergarment emporium extraordinaire. This shop will literally get your boobs in the air. I wish I could be that clever intentionally.

When I can afford nice bras again, maybe I'll go to Nordstrom. Or take another road trip to Town Shop, which supplied the hardwear for my wedding dress. (Thanks to my fabulous pal at the WSJ, again!)

The Demon Barber E went off to school this morning, promising to apologize to her erstwhile client. I'm still giggling. Luckily the housekeeper is here today, and the kindergarten-sized fistful of hair in the powder room trash can will disappear.

I think E may have also brought the first plague of the year home this past week. Baby O feels terrible, I'm stuffy, the Mom has achey sinuses, and E herself is coughing like a 65 y/o old lifetime smoker. Nice, huh?

Big Brother J is has a playdate this afternoon, and I've been charged with delivering his GameBoy to him at the bus stop when I go to get E. I think it's funny that not quite 7 y/o boys play GameBoy, each using his own machine, for a couple of hours, and call it a "playdate." When Jamie and I were that age, we were kicked out of the house with weather appropriate gear and a box of clothes and toys, and told not to come home until supper. Middle class suburbia versus upper class urban, I guess?

I've strayed from my initial topic. I do that.

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The Demon Barber of Lime Street

Originally published on Friendster Blogs on 1/25/06

Oh, that this week would end!

The misery of this week began with the baby learning to climb stairs (which actually happened last week or the week before). So, his Nana is visiting, and we both thought he was in the playroom with his sister... well, he's actually crawling his way up the stairs to the next floors. We only learned this when he tumbled down three of the aforementioned stairs! He was fine, a little scared, but I seriously think his Nana and I each lost a year off our lives....

Then, the next day, he got into a cabinet in the kitchen that usually holds small pots and pans, stuff he can play with. I guess it now holds the pods for the new coffee machine. He bit into an espresso pod, got grounds all over his face, and pooped espresso grounds for a day and a half. Eeek.

Ladies and gents, it's only Wednesday, and this afternoon comes the title event. Four year old E had a friend over to play. She and her friend, L, were playing in the "secret room, " (actually a small alcove under the stairs). They came out for a snack and I asked what they'd been doing. E says they were playing doctor and animal doctor (vet). L says, "and beauty salon." I think that's cute, and give them their snack. Some time later, L's nanny, R, goes in to help the girls clean up in the alcove. I'm getting the baby ready to head outside, and I hear R say, "whose hair is this?!"

"Whose hair is this?"

Can you just hear it echoing in my brain?

Yep. You guessed it. E had hacked off a 6 inch hank of L's hair with a pair of child sized safety scissors from her craft box.

R was angry. L was sad. E was unrepentent.


I also had the urge to laugh out loud. Luckily, I curbed the impulse until I was in my car driving home tonight.

My husband is plastering our dining room as I type. I haven't really seen him in days due to this current remodeling phase. The dog and I are threatening to put our bowls on our heads and run away. But the dining room is looking better (if you ignore the general air of disaster!)

In bloggy news, a lawyer friend of mine has a baby blog on LiveJournal. Go read it:

Good dogs.


Monday Musings

Originally published on Friendster Blogs on 1/23/06

The weather in Boston sucks today. Snow, mix, rain, it's chilly and raw. One of those days when you can't get your toes all the way warm, and it's not even super cold out... Or am I the only one who has those days?

It was a busy, and yet frivolous weekend for this nanny. I went to my weight watchers meeting, where I met with promising news on the scale, interviewed a prospective Middlebury student, and then went bra shopping with my Mom in Providence (they have Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom). Sunday morning Mark and I went to Bickford's for breakfast - desperate measures in suburbia! Then it was housework for a few hours before heading into Boston for bridesmaid dress hunting with Veronique. We went to Aria Bridesmaids, and I think some decisions were made. She's so organized.... I'm jealous.

In other news, Maurice continues to thrive. He has a small issue with his dog bed. To put it bluntly, he thinks it's a pee pad. Even if he's just had a huge trip out, and I'm sure he's empty, he takes one look at that dog bed and pees all over it. So, I've had to take it away. Sad, too, since it's a nice bed from LLBean... I guess even the perfect pug has a flaw or two ::wink::

In upcoming installments, I will be recounting our adventures in plaster. Mark and I are going to plaster the walls and ceiling in our dining room, bringing us one step closer to done... Wish us luck!

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A Boy and His Dog

Originally published on Friendster Blogs on 1/6/06


There it is, people. I'm not sure that I should say anything else.


Three Minute Post

Orginally published on Friendster Blogs 12/30/2004

OK, so we have a puppy! And isn't he the smartest, cutest, best boy EVER. I'm totally in love. It's a little sad. But very, very happy!

I have three minutes before my iBook battery dies, but I wanted to tell everyone that Mark got his puppy and he's thrilled, and adjusting to canine parenthood like a good dog! hehehe...

Ladies, and gentlemen....


Rest assured there will be more photos of him!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2005 Archives ... Baby One More Time

This will be the last 2005 Archive. There were more of them than I thought....

Two Distinct Pieces

My gall bladder and I have thankfully parted ways. The little cholecyst was wearing out its welcome. No one likes the internal organ who causes pain and suffering, especially when the pain and suffering can't be fixed by consumption of chocolate - the irascible little jerk didn't like dessert!

I've been living under a rock since the surgery, though, due to the newest installment in the Outlander series. I had to reread the five pervious volumes, and so for about six thousand pages and three and a half weeks, I've been reading constantly, driving and sleeping mostly excluded. Vaguely embarrassing, but I'm pretty much over it.

We survived the recent rainstorms here in the northeast with only a smidge of water in our basement. Very thankful! In other house news, we have a french door in our dining room, and literally nothing else. We've ripped everything out to studs. Wish us luck!

Back to babyland! Later, taters...


I think I'm developing some low-grade OCD in my impending old age. After spending three weeks fully immersed in the highly improbable, 6000 page love story of a WWII combat nurse and an 18th century Scottish warrior, I was at a loss for free-time activities. So, I learned to knit.

I've made myself a lovely green alpaca scarf, and I just started a more challenging pattern for a hat for Mark. Uruguayan merino wool. Mmmmm, happy! Now I feel like a knitting machine. Must diversify my hobbies. Must diversify my hobbies.

Does blogging count? Home improvement still feels more like necessity than hobby.

Must diversify my hobbies.

At least I'm not keeping myself occupied by counting the number of times I turn the doorknob everytime I go through a doorway...

So, I've decided I need to get back to the exercising again, since my ass is spreading again, and that's a scary prospect with thirty looming. Especially since I'd like to have kids in a few years, and I'm going to swell like a balloon when that happens. Eeek. Maybe a little less Hallowe'en candy might help... Snickers are so tasty....

I also think I should go back to guitar lessons. I liked playing. I like singing. They go well together. I should single-handedly bring back the barter system. I'll trade cooking or singing lessons for guitar lessons. One hour a week? Anyone out there think that's fair? I could trade in babysitting, too. I'm a pro. Literally.


No more. Time to go back to the knitting. And lunch. Mmmmmm.....

55 Degrees Fahrenheit and Sunny, Ella Fitzgerald on iTunes, and the Baby is sleeping

Nothing of special note to report today. Ella just segued into Led Zepp, sometimes I love random! Things are moving along on the puppy front. I'm just waiting to hear that the litter was born. Remember, those of you who read this and know my husband, the puppy is his Christmas surprise. SHHHH! I'm researching start up items like crates and leashes, and looking into vets in the area. All very complicated for a Christmas gift. I rule.

I even mentioned putting the change from the "Pug Jug" into the bank, and Mark just sighed and said something about the spring being far away, and why worry about it now. He's very sad about the lack of dog, and as long as I can keep the surprise we're all good. Thank goodness he thinks Friendster is super lame, and would never think that I keep a blog for sharing things like big secrets that are driving me crazy! I just want to shout "We're getting a puppy! In like 8 weeks!"

But no. Not yet.

What I do have to do is write a thank you note to his Grandma, who is the principle financial backer for this enterprise. Also one to my mother, who will be contributing as well. Yay for family!

OK, I'm off to cruise the forums at Ciao.

Pavlovian Assimilation

Today, Friendster emailed me to say it missed me. Yep. Friendster misses me. Does anyone else find this terribly upsetting? I get email from a computer somewhere, mindlessly generated as soon as a clock ticks a predestined second marking my online absence, and BOOM! here I am, logging in and blogging like a Pavlovian Borg-chick. I have been assimilated.

Scary Trekkie references aside, Christmas is screaming towards me, and another year's efforts to scale down and reassess have gone right down the shitter. Of course, nothing about getting your husband a surprise puppy is "scaled down." I've got it all, though. All the basic supplies, a vet appointment, a handpainted dog dish, a potential dog walker. OH! and the puppy. He's in Maine, awaiting being 8 weeks old so we can come get him. Busy busy busy. Now add in the knitting, the painting, the photography, and I'm spreading my limited artistic and crafting abilities dangerously thin.

I'm congested. I'm tired. I'm singing Christmas carols in my sleep - literally woke up halfway through Winter Wonderland, a la Ella Fitzgerald.... I need to get back on Weight Watchers, and the treadmill.

I've been happily married more than half a year!!!!

I need to write my thank you notes....

Props to fellow Friendster Ari Gottlieb on his adorable save-the-date and wedding website! We're all such goobers.

Much like Jessica Simpson, I feel like I'm rambling.

OK, back to -

Holy attention span of a flea! My Mom's gift just arrived in the mail. Luckily, she doesn't even know Friendster exists, so I can share with you the website of John David Geery, andDown The Lane, the one we chose for my mom.
He's a nice man, a gifted photographer, and his work makes me excessively homesick for Vermont. ::sigh:: I hope she likes it! She has a few of his works already...

I'm out now. More soon. Hopefully before Friendster misses me again.

Bouncing 'round the room...


School's out for Holiday Break. Whoopee! What I anticipated with breathless devotion for 17 years has now become a time of terror. Add to that the Christmas Cold that the baby gave me, and I'm your basic DisasterNanny!

But our puppy might be home on Friday!

And Mazel Tov to fellow Friendster Veronique Jurist-Schulman on her recent engagement to long-time mutual friend and all around excellent fellow, Will Zaritt.

I have some of the best friends on friendster. My pal Jason writes elegant and bizarre testimonials for me with alarming frequency, and they always make me smile. You should all go check out his latest. Heeheehee.

So three kids and me in a 3000 s.f. townhouse in Beacon Hill. Yeah. Still not enough space. They're great kids, but they're not accumstomed to being together all the time every day, and they grate on each other - which grates on me... greatly. Today's fun and excitement includes packing everyone into the Volvo and heading out to swank Chestnut Hill for haircuts at Snip-Its, grocery shopping, and retreival of craft projects from The Clayroom. Bonus for me, though. They're heading away on vaca for a while, and I get some time off!

OK, it's DVD time... We're off to watch The Incredibles.

Oh! and below should be a link to the litter of puppies our Maurice is coming from. I don't know which one he is, but they're all pretty cute!


2005 Archives The Third

I'm hoping this will be the last installment... I'm sure you'll agree.

Time on my hands...


Why is it that when you have days and days of open time, you always seem to get less done?

The bottom fell out of my already teetering job situation last Friday, and the end result is that they let me go that day, with pay through today. Coincidentally, today is the day I'll be trekking off to the Mt. Wayte St. offices of the MA Division of Unemployment Services. Funfunfun.

So, I've been out of work a week, getting married a week from tomorrow, and I feel like I haven't done a damn thing. Very annoying.

Celebrations are in order however, as my old and dear friend, Ari Gottlieb, just announced his engagement to longtime sweetheart and live-in GF, Julia Johnson. Huzzah!

And another thing, why must the garbage collectors toss the lids of my garbage cans willy nilly across the lawn? ::Sigh::

Heard from long lost friend, Shauna Hill today - she reminded me to get my virtual ass on Friendster and pay attention to the baby blog. Ooops, the Mom;s on the phone. Later, 'taters!

So, I'm Married...

... and so far, I'm just annoyed we didn't do it sooner! We'd been engaged for 19 months!

All of you out there considering a long engagement, don't do it unless you have to. I can't even explain what I mean, I'm just so happy to BE married.

The wedding was brilliant! It was wonderful to be surrounded by all the people we love, and to have good food and drink, sassy tunes, and the obvious ridiculous scenes. Mark and I danced to Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, no one caught the bouquet; they forced my pal Diane - the youngest of the lot - to pick it up, and then my bridesmaid Tracy got engaged to her long time boyfriend and Mark's groomsman, Lex, while we were away on our honeymoon! My little brother's friend Chunk stole a street sign for Mark as a wedding gift. Several of my staid aunties and uncles got toasty and danced the night away - despite the oppressive heat!

Mark and I spent two weeks traveling. We went to Hawai'i, stopping in Honolulu, O'ahu, and Lahaina, Maui, for ten days. We ended our trip with four days in San Francisco, CA. It was amazing. I can't even talk about it.

Now we're back and faced with the daunting task of dealing with all of our new stuff all over the house, and all of our old stuff still in boxes from the move. I'm off from my new job this week - paid this time, and I'm planning on painting our bedroom and the half bath off the kitchen - FUN.

Beacause 2005 is the year we're poor, Mark also bought a new truck this past week. It's enormous! A Nissan Titan. By the time the lumber/ladder rack and the cap are on it, it's going to be bigger than our driveway!

On the job front, I've been at the new/old job for three weeks, and I have this odd feeling of being back where I belong. The new baby is so cute and so sweet, and the big kids are great - of course they've also been out of town for the month at theirgrandparents' NH house - easy!

I've been rambling today. Partially because it's been a while and a lot's happened, and partially because I've been watching foodtv and not really paying attention. Now I have to start my projects for the day: washing tile floors, and doing laundry!


Bad things come in threes...

I guess that even in a year as amazing as this one has been (to recap for those who don't chat me up regularly: we bought a house, got married, and then I went back to my fabulous Beacon Hill job!), a little proverbial rain must fall....

So, it turns out that when racking abdominal pain wakes you up in the night twice in a week, it can be indicative of larger health concerns... When it happened for the second time, my husband packed me into the car at 3:15 AM and headed off to the local ER. After a full battery of insults, including but not limited to blood samples, an ultrasound, and intravenous Zantac (to which we learned I'm allergic!), they discovered that my poor little gall bladder is full of stones, and thus must be removed. A week before that, I was a in a fender-bender, and a week after that I had the first migraine attack I'd had in the last few years.



2005 Archives Redux

Another few posts from that Friendster Blog:

Back blows and chest thrusts!

Off I went yesterday to re-certify in First Aid and Child/Infant CPR. Yes, folks, that correct. I can lay your conscious choking infant on my forearm and perform back blows and chest thrusts until the foreign object is released, the child falls unconcious, I become too exhausted to continue, or EMS professionals arrive and take over.

"Back blows and chest thrusts."

Does anyone else out there think that these terms are, in fact, designed to terrify the average human out of acts of good samaritanism? Seriously, if my baby was chocking (by the way, in the instructional video, the baby chokes on a grape - word to the wise, no grapes for babies under a year unless they've been peeled and quartered), and some wacko runs up and says, "Ma'am, I'm Jane, and I'm Red Cross certified in Infant CPR. I know how to help. I'm going to perform BACK BLOWS AND CHEST THRUSTS on your baby to dislodge the foreign object," I'd just about pass out from the horror.

That said, if I ever come across a choking baby, I'll recite some panicky variation on that same pre-rehearsed-Red-Cross-scenario speech, and promptly start performing the aforementioned BACK BLOWS AND CHEST THRUSTS.

DF and I are off the indulge in retail therapy today. We need a trash storage unit, paint samples, he needs new shoes for the wedding, and we have get our wedding rings engraved. Wow, do we sound old.


Nothing of interest today. Bought paint for the family room. Grocery shopped. Got my TB skin test. On Thursday I'll report in whether or not I'm consumptive.

Not dead of Consumption!

I've been very neglectful of my baby blog of late... It's been a uniquely taxing couple of weeks. First off, I'm not dead of tuberculosis or consumption. (I prefer consumption. It's antiquated, but a far more pleasant term than tuberculosis.')

Secondly, I was offered the chance to go back to my former employers to care for their newborn son, and two school aged children, at a considerable increase in salary. It sounds like a no-brainer, but in truth it's been a very difficult decision. My current employers are taking advantage of the extended notice I gave, and now I find myself out of work for the last three weeks in June...  This on top of our first mortgage payment coming due, and our honeymoon right around the corner. Nightmare.

So, what it comes down to is that I'll be starting at my new position July 5, and I'm finished here on June 3. Yikes. There'll be a few arguments, I think, regarding back pay for vacation unused, etc... Ugly. Ick.

On the happy side, I'm getting married in 16 days! So much to do, so little time to get it all done. And then, we'll be in Hawaii for a few weeks - how can that be bad? In the next two days alone, I'll be going to my final dress fitting, getting my hair cut and colored, heading out for waxing, plucking, and nails, picking up the bridesmaids' gifts, wrapping them, handling the seating charts.... AAAACK!


It's gonna be a great party, though. Just you wait!

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2005 Archives

This first post is the first installment of archives from my Friendster Blog from last year:

President Tinkerbell's First Inagural Speech

I was bored this moring while the baby slept, and even Edward Jackowski's ultimate fitness workout didn't take my mind off truffles and double chocolate cookies. People who have nannies should know better than to stack the deck against us with such things. After all, I am a paid stay-at-home-Mom with same needs and caloric desires as volunteer stay-at-homes... So, to channel my creative energies away from eating myself silly, I've birthed this Blog.

Read. Put the cookie down. Now go running (while a chuck roast is becoming pot roast in your slow cooker). You're me.

Drool Man

So the baby for whom I nanny, (in order to protect his secret identity I'm choosing to use his superhero name - DROOL MAN) is perfecting his tiny superskill today. He is teething, and thus producing such volumes of saliva as I know not what. Combine this with his ubiquitous party trick, blowing raspberries, and you get a soulful patch of drool-foam suspended between his cupid's bow mouth and his dimply wee chin. As they say in MasterCard ads, "Priceless."

If somehow you've ended up here by mistake, here are some things about me that pervade my thoughts. I'm getting married 7 weeks from tomorrow, my fiance and I bought a house (can you say, "Fixer Upper?") two weeks ago, and if my life were authored by J.M. Barrie, I would not, in point of fact, be cast as Tink. I'm much more of a Wendy. Not so glamorous as the green clad pixie, but very useful in my own way. Ask my own personal Peter Pan, Mr. Alexander Loth, for whose troop of Lost Boys I played mother on the Island Nation of Inebriation.

Kudos to Mr. Loth, by the way, for talking Kara into marrying him! Mazel Tov!

You might be wondering....

... why the references to Tinkerbell/the Pastry Pixie? I've clearly stated I'm a Wendy in this mythology. It's an apron. Purple, with Tink on it. Says "Pastry Pixie." For the record, I'm a certificate-holding pastry chef, but I hate the early mornings and the copious amounts of bullsh*t in professional kitchens, so.... I quit the AM shift and returned to nannying. Now here's a lucrative, pleasant, rewarding job!

It's not all "Nanny 911", and "The Nanny Diaries," or the Louise Woodward trial, or anything. I drive to the family's house in the morning. I spend the day with their baby. I go home to my newly acquired disaster in the 'burbs. I am paid regularly through a service. I get legitimate health care. Quite the racket.


Sleepy time. DF and I got ice cream, but we walked to the store, so that's good right?

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